Our mission

is to develop an appreciative awareness of the island’s natural and cultural wealth, and to safeguard that wealth, contributing to a better quality of life for present and future generations.


Friends of Nature, Cyprus (FoNC) is an environmental, non-governmental organization active in 2004 and officially established in 2006.

FoNC works on developing and implementing new projects, organizing events, and establishing and nourishing relationships in order to achieve its goals. It is a model of successful cooperation between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.



— The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award equips young people for life. It is the world’s leading youth achievement award. In 2014 more than 1.1 million young people around the world took part in the Award, in 141 countries and territories.


— Excursions

Our last excursion took place in Kormakitis (Kormacit/Korucam) where we visited the churches of St. George and St. Mary, and we also saw the newly established agro-tourism accommodation “Payt tel Ruso”, the ethnographic museum and the farm “Ranco tel vata”.


Gold Award Participant

I admittedly got discouraged during the expedition and the physical as well as the
mental challenges of its completion were very hard to overcome. It is after the
expedition that we all realized how valuable were the lessons we learnt during our
journey. Without exaggeration, we came to appreciate certain circumstances we take
for granted in our daily lives and grew into mature and conscious individuals.

Not only is the award a noteworthy addition in university personal statements, but it is
also a lesson that everyone who has had the experience, is guaranteed to remember.