Online Record Book Guide

ORB Frequently Asked Questions

What's my username?

Your username will be the e-mail address you used when you first registered on the Online Record Book.

I've confirmed my e-mail address, but still can't log on.

Your Award Leader has to authorise your access to the Online Record Book so check with them if this has been done already.

Can I change my password?

Yes. Hover over where it says ‘Welcome [your name]’ and a box will pop up. From here you can change your password, update your personal details and also change your profile picture.

Help, I've forgotten my password!

Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link and the password you chose will be emailed to you.

How are the percentages worked out for my Award progress?

For the Skills, Physical Recreation and Service sections of the Award, you must undertake regular activity over a set period of time. On the Online Record Book, all logs are recorded in quarter, half and full hours. The general requirement for Skills, Physical Recreation and Service is to undertake regular effort of one hour of activity per week or two hours per fortnight and so on over the required time frame. You can’t achieve your Award by working more intensely over a shorter time.

I've got evidence I want to save, can I save it in the Online Record Book?

Yes, you can upload photographs, videos and scanned documents into your library.

My Assessor needs to sign off my logged activities, how can (s)he do this?

Once you’ve completed a section, you can either download and print a summary of your activities for your Assessor to sign or ask them to provide another form of proof, then just scan it in and upload it to your library. If you don’t have access to a scanner, speak with your Award Leader about other ways of getting your summary onto the Online Record Book.

All the ORB Frequently Asked Questions has come from The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award's Guide for Bronze / Silver / Gold Participants