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The Award Leader is responsible for engaging young people in their Award programme, inspiring, guiding and assisting them from start through to completion.

Frequently Asked Questions




Participant Guides

All participants recieve a Training Manual Book, as well as Award Participant Guide, and an ORB Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any help, you can always contact your Award Leader.

Your username will be the email address you used when you first registered on the Online Record Book.

Your Award Leader has to authorise your access to the Online Record Book so check with them if this has been done already.

Yes. Hover over where it says ‘Welcome [your name]’ and a box will pop up. From here you can change your password, update your personal details and also change your profile picture.

Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link and the password you chose will be emailed to you.

For the Skills, Physical Recreation and Service sections of the Award, you must undertake regular activity over a set period of time. On the Online Record Book, all logs are recorded in quarter, half and full hours. The general requirement for Skills, Physical Recreation and Service is to undertake regular effort of one hour of activity per week or two hours per fortnight and so on over the required time frame. You can’t achieve your Award by working more intensely over a shorter time.

Yes, you can upload photographs, videos and scanned documents into your library.

Community Questions

We have created an online platform where you have direct contact with our Award Leaders, as well as our Award Coordinator.

Special groups have been created for each Award Level, as well as for each Award Group.

Feel free to ask your questions inside these groups, and maybe one of your peers will answer and help you as well.

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